OJSC «Pruzhany Dairy Integrated Plant



About us

Raimasloprom formation

Raimasloprom was abolished, the plant became an independent unit

The construction of a new plant has begun (a production building has been built)

General reconstruction of the plant, built a cheese-making shop with a capacity of 10 tons of milk per shift

Completed construction of a site for the production of skimmed milk powder

The enterprise was reorganized into Pruzhany Dairy Plant OJSC

Completed construction of a whole milk production workshop

Modernization of the production of semi-hard rennet cheeses

A line for technological preparation of natural milk whey was put into operation before further feeding to spray drying

Modernization of the oil production site

A complex of treatment facilities was put into operation

Reconstruction of the dry milk products workshop

Modernization of sections of the cheese-making department

Construction and commissioning of the skimmed milk powder shop building. Technical modernization of the chambers of the cheese-making shop

The plant was awarded the Prize of the Government of the Republic of Belarus for loyalty to the production traditions and for quality achievements. For excellent flavour profile, Pruzhany cheeses and butter annually become winners of the Best Exporter and Best Products of the Year gastronomic contests and winners of the Best Taste and Taste Champion original tasting forums.

 The annual capacity of Pruzhany Dairy Plant OJSC amounts to:

  • rennet cheese –  10 400 tons per year
  • butter – 1 500 tons per year
  • dry milk products – 7 300 tons per year.
About us

It must be admitted that the Pruzhany Dairy Plant is one of the most conscientious producers of honest dairy products. There are no vegetable fats and palm oil in the composition of the dairy products produced by the Pruzhany Dairy Plant, and all products are made only from honest choice top-quality milk. Experts put their tender loving care into each product of the Pruzhany plant. Therefore, both cheeses and butter are so tasty and fragrant.    In addition, a consistent high product quality is achieved by maintaining the systems implemented at the enterprise:

– food safety management system for compliance with the requirements of ISO 22000;

– quality management systems in accordance with ISO 9001;

– management systems in accordance with the Halal rules.

The implemented systems allow the plant’s products to be positioned at the level of the best domestic and foreign models.

Today, the enterprise’s strategic development goal is to satisfy the taste preferences of the most varied consumers’ demands from different price segments: from a low price segment to a high one. For this purpose, the plant produces products under the following trademarks: «Generous Pruzhany» (represents the middle price segment products) and VAN GOLD (represents the high price segment products and comprises a collection of elite European cheeses that fundamentally differ from each other). The enterprise set the following goal:  while producing safe high-quality products in attractive packaging, grow as a market leader, actively compete not only in the Eurasian Union countries, but also in the far-abroad countries.